New Student Information

Welcome to St. Gabriel Band.  We provide free piano lesson for all starting from 8 years old and up.  Parents need to obtain materials (lesson books) and tools (portable keyboard/piano, music stand, keyboard stand) and bring them to every class.  Parents can buy a good one for both class and concert or buy a basic one for class to start with then upgrade later.

Lóp học đàn miễn phí nhưng quý vị cần mua sách vở và đàn cho các em.  
1. Lesson books - Sách học: : Alfred’s Basic Piano Course Complete Level 1 (1A/1B) for Later beginner. Parent can buy them at Long McQuade (in stores in GTA) or online  or online by clicking on below link:

gallery/cover-medium_large_file (1)
gallery/cover-medium_large_file (2)

2. Keyboard for class - Đàn để hoc trong lớp:

Keyboard, Keyboard stand, Music stand, headphone, electric extension cord
RockJam 561 Electronic 61 Key Digital Piano Keyboard SuperKit or equivalent.
Parents can by from amazon: 


3. Classroom supplies :

  • Notebook
  • Ring binder 
  • Sheets protector
  • Pencil & eraser 

4. Keyboard for performing (we suggest this one) - Đàn để trình diễn:

A must to play for concert / mass


5. Class will be held Sunday 5:30 at St.Cecilica Church or St.James Parish, see Schedule for details

  • St. Cecilia Church 161 Annette St. Toronto, ON, M6P 1P5
  • St. James Church 728 Annette St. Toronto, ON, M6S 2E2